Who we are and Our objective


Our aim is to be your number one centralized online hub for Catering Services. 


Our mission is to create linkages for clients looking for a caterer to be a part of their event, be it, your Christmas Party, Wedding, Corporate event, Private or Special Occasion.

Why we do What we do

We believe in creating opportunities, simplicity and easy modes of communication when conducting business. Here, to simplify the process for you of finding a caterer, onlecaterers.com  was designed for connectivity, opportunity and ease of access to fine delicacies and foods for your occasion.


Widening the horizon of food through the palates, we host a multitude of caterers of different cultures across Trinidad and Tobago. You can make a request in the “Place An Order” tab in the menu bar (click the button below).


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What we plan to do for You

We plan to create opportunities for those who have the capacity, resources and necessary certification to provide catering services to any order request through our “Become a Caterer” tab in the menu bar (click the button below).

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To add to your catering experience, we plan to close the gaps and open the doors to caterers in different fields for complete coverage of your event!